Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

I work with people facing all sorts of struggles. Some of the most common issues I help with include depression, anxiety, identity formation, and relationship problems between couples or within families. I have a lot of experience in working with conflict between children and adolescents and their parents.  My first job in the field was working in schools with kids who were facing very serious struggles. Their behavior was often poor. I had a lot of skills and structures put into place to deal with them, but what I really cared about were all the whys? I went on to work with adults, couples, and families, but my core questions were not very different. Whether working with defiant adolescents or a loving couple struggling to connect, what are the factors within us and around us that cause difficulty?

I believe in the importance of helping people to understand the roots of their behaviors. Our core beliefs about ourselves and the world start in childhood. These can start out as adaptive, but become problems when we are no longer in the same situation. With couples and families, I tend to look at my client as part of a larger system. Sometimes more than one person needs to shift for the whole family to feel happier and healthier. Other times, an issue may be more straightforward, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy can be extremely helpful. I combine these styles based on what my clients want and need.

As you can read on my other pages, I also specialize in working with families in conflict. I am a Guardian ad Litem and Parenting Coordinator in divorce situations. Perhaps one of my favorite issues to work on in therapy is conflict between parents and children. My goal is to help each side understand the other, including the things that may not be easily spoken. One of the most important things I feel I can do is to help to mend a frayed relationship between a parent and a child.